Mor Rubinstein

Parkinson’s UK

Mor Rubinstein is a technologist with a decade of experience in data, civic tech and open government. She specialises in data transformation in the third sector, data literacy, open data  and and data feminism. She is currently the Head of Data Strategy at Parkinson’s UK, where she helps to build better infrastructure and data culture. Previously she worked as the product and program manager at 360Giving, where she developed a data standard for philanthropy.

13:35 - 14:35 & 14:45 - 15:45 & 15:55 - 16:55

Monday 10 May

Running a Virtual Data Expedition (3 sessions in one series)

What does a data process look like, and where do I begin? Join this Data Expedition, an intensive, action-learning workshop that teaches a way of working with data from ‘start to finish’: from identifying a question you have, to finding and using data to try to answer it, to telling a story with it. It will build confidence working with data, and help participants use data to better inform what they do.