Claire Benard

Impact on Urban Health

Claire Benard is a passionate data scientist, keen to use the Data and Technology to solve problems that matter. Most recently, she has been working for Wefarm, the world’s largest small-holder farmers network. She developed Machine Learning models to enable small-scale farmers to share knowledge and access good quality inputs at a fair price. She now leads the Data and Analytics Function of Impact on Urban Health, using Data to inform social change programmes. Claire holds an MSc in Economics from Sciences Po (Paris) and the Ecole Polytechnique X (Paris).

11:30 - 11:55

Wednesday 12 May

Using data beyond impact assessment

Monitoring and Evaluation is critical to the sector and we need to keep learning on doing it better. However, we should also think about using data for other uses. Examples are using machine learning to power a knowledge sharing platform via text messages, and using data to improve decision making on funding. These are two examples that Claire will talk about, form their experiences at WeFarm and St Guy’s and Thomas’ Foundation.