Jason Foster


Jason is the founder and Chief Executive at Cynozure, a data and analytics strategy company with a mission to create a better future for all through the open and positive use of data.  He is co-author of ‘Data Means Business’ the go to book that provides a clear and pragmatic guide for business leaders to help develop their mindset and strategies required to generate value from data and scale quickly. Jason also hosts the Hub & Spoken podcast where he covers a wide range of topics on the leadership, culture, technology, change and strategy associated with data and analytics.  Jason is featured in the DataIQ 100 Most Influential People in Data, 2020 and 2021.

09:35 - 10:30

Tuesday 11 May

KEYNOTE: Connect the dots between data and your mission

Creating an organisation that is guided by data is about connecting what you do back to your mission.  Taking lessons from across sectors, this opening keynote will help set the tone for how you cut through the noise and focus on the things that really matter to your organisation. It will help you get clarity on what to prioritise, the journey to take that is right for your organisation and beneficiaries, what good looks like and outcomes you are trying to achieve. Having this clarity can help avoid missteps or spending money on things that don’t add value.