Lindsey Macdonald

Street League

Lindsey is passionate about tackling inequality and a charity sector that delivers on the promises it makes. She tries to play her part as Managing Director of Street League, a youth employment charity that uses education and sport to help young people move into work. Street League is committed to transparent and honest social impact reporting and aims to use data to improve its services and support for young people. Lindsey believes that effective and ethical use of data can be central in helping charities unlock their potential and increase their impact. She has seen this in action at Street League and as a Board member of DataKind. A lover of learning, she achieved her MBA with distinction at Cass Business School having previously earned her doctorate at Brunel University, exploring ‘who really benefits’ in sport for development and peace initiatives. An avid coffee drinker, she is the Chair of Well Grounded, a social enterprise that is transforming the speciality coffee sector through its innovative barista training programmes.

11:30 - 12:10

Tuesday 11 May

Learning and adapting: How Street League uses data to improve decision-making

Charities have adapted and responded at pace to the challenges and changes caused by the covid pandemic. This means that leaders have had to take decisions under pressure and with limited information or certainty. Street League is a youth employment charity that changed the way it operated overnight. From the outset of the pandemic they changed its data collection and reporting procedures to ensure accurate and timely information was available to take decisions. This session will describe what they did, what they learned, and how they’re putting this at the heart of the organisation and its business plans going forward.

16:20 - 16:50

Tuesday 11 May

Fireside chat - emerging themes, compelling questions

To close the day, we will have a fireside chat, with 2 or 3 attendees. We will reflect on some of the themes, insights and questions that have come up during the day, pulling out particular topics that struck a chord or felt common across different discussions. This will be hosted by Lindsey Macdonald, Street League.