Pauline Roche


Pauline Roche is an award-winning producer, journalist, broker and networker, increasing the digital and data literacy of small organisations in the voluntary, community & social enterprise sectors, including by publishing a monthly e-bulletin Digital WM News and producing & co-presenting the weekly Dr Tech Show on YouTube 

Pauline runs the Net Squared Midlands: tech for social good meetup series, and chairs both the West Midlands Open Data Forum and WM Funders Network 

16:20 - 17:00

Wednesday 12 May

Fireside chat - emerging themes, compelling questions

To close the day, we will have a fireside chat, with 2 or 3 attendees. We will reflect on some of the themes, insights and questions that have come up during the day, pulling out particular topics that struck a chord or felt common across different discussions. This will be hosted by Kate White, Superhighways and Pauline Roche, RnR Organisation.

10:35 - 11:30

Monday 10 May

Setting up a place-based data group: lessons learned and how you can try your own

How do I set up a local data for good use group? This session begins with three short presentations from local data for good groups across the UK (West Midlands Open Data Forum, Sheffield Data for Good, and current plans for the North East) to show how they went about setting up, the challenges they faced, and what has gone well. There will then be a structured, practical workshop for attendees to plan how they might set up something in their own area, who they might want to approach, and what they're going to do next to make it happen.