Jon Franklin

Pro Bono Economics

Jon Franklin is the Chief Economist at Pro Bono Economics. He worked for the Government Economic Service for 13 years, working on policy appraisal, evaluation and forecasting in the taxation, property and aviation sectors. Prior to leaving, he was Head of Data and Information Strategy at the Valuation Office Agency. Before becoming Chief Economist, Jon has been an Economic Associate and a volunteer with Pro Bono Economics, working on projects relating to mental health, employment and education.

12:15 - 12:40

Tuesday 11 May

Economic evaluation in the social sector: Is there value in putting a price on everything?

What is the difference between traditional measures of a charity’s impact and looking at it through an economic lens? When is it useful to do so? Is it right for your organisation? In this session Pro Bono Economics will talk you through their framework for measuring the economic impact of charities, and highlight some of the key things they have learned in 11 years of supporting social sector organisations to do it in practice. They’ll also provide some thoughts on how the approach could evolve in the years ahead.