Data strategy

13:35 - 14:20

Wednesday 12 May

What role does data science have in the social sector?

Drawing from DataKind UK’s nine years of experience supporting social change organisations to use data science, you’ll hear real-life case studies from charities, local government, and social enterprises across the UK. You’ll gain insight into how organisations like yours can use data science to improve their operations, understand their clients better, evaluate their services, and increase their impact. You’ll also hear about some of the tools and resources that DataKind UK use to help organisations frame their data challenges, scope projects and assess data ethics.

14:25 - 15:05

Wednesday 12 May

5 top tips for charities to make better use of their data without big budgets

Christina will talk through the 5 biggest changes that any organisation can make – without spending money - to make better use of their data and develop a data culture.  She’ll focus on ‘big impact-small cost’ initiatives that can help you to develop an organisation where your people use data, not guesswork, to make decisions.

Christina is Director, Data & Analytics at NEST and was previously Director, Data and Insight at the National Trust.


09:35 - 10:30

Tuesday 11 May

KEYNOTE: Connect the dots between data and your mission

Creating an organisation that is guided by data is about connecting what you do back to your mission.  Taking lessons from across sectors, this opening keynote will help set the tone for how you cut through the noise and focus on the things that really matter to your organisation. It will help you get clarity on what to prioritise, the journey to take that is right for your organisation and beneficiaries, what good looks like and outcomes you are trying to achieve. Having this clarity can help avoid missteps or spending money on things that don’t add value.

15:20 - 16:15

Tuesday 11 May

Data Strategy

When you're faced with an ever-changing landscape, it's vital to have a clear vision of what your organisation needs to do for success. Data can contribute significantly to this – and the key to getting this right is a Data Strategy that gives a shared vision for everyone. It defines both short and long term goals, prioritises what's important to you, and helps demonstrate strong leadership and commitment to data management. Yet many organisations don't have one. Why is that? What's stopping them? It can feel really daunting when you’re not quite sure what it’s all about. In this talk, Effini share the principles of what a Data Strategy is, how it can help you, and small practical steps to take.

11:45 - 12:25

Monday 10 May

The data journey at Christians Against Poverty

Hear from Christians Against Poverty (CAP), a national debt counselling charity who have been on some big journeys using internal data to make data-based decisions, improve operational efficiency, and inform their growth strategy. They've also had a good time using this data to get leadership on board, and seen some big changes as a result. They're now exploring designing a management information dashboards and, by the time of the event, they hope to share their initial learning about writing a data strategy. Join Martin Cowles, Senior Project Manager in the Research, Development and Innovation department, to hear about CAP’s data journey!

13:35 - 14:35

Monday 10 May

Data and the board: challenges and opportunities of driving data transformation as a charity trustee

Having data-confident trustees can be so pivotal in making data a part of decision-making, particularly for smaller charities. Yet this skill set is rarely prioritised in trustee recruitment. This session will look at these questions:

  • What are some of the challenges to successful data-savvy trusteeships?
  • What are some of the top tips for trustees who want to lead data transformation?
  • How can I get a trustee with expertise in data?

If you are interested in super-charging your board with data skills, this session is  for you.