Tom Watson

The Good Ship

Tom is Captain of The Good Ship. Breaking the rules and causing good trouble.

He specialises in Organisational Design, Learning, Data and Digital.

He has worked in the social good sector for over a decade in small, large, frontline and infrastructure charities, after a background in science and education.

Tom is a charity trustee, a school governor and an award winning social entrepreneur.

You can read Toms tweets here and his writing here

When not working Tom is generally running or eating pizza. Or maybe both.

15:20 - 16:15

Wednesday 12 May

Collecting better data about a place so that it feels more relevant to people that live there

Data collection about place is led by administrative organisations. But that often means it's collected for a named geography that people don't necessarily identify with. The data collected may not truly represent that area, and so create data-informed decisions that don’t feel relevant to people. This session will start a (structured) conversation to see if people have experiences or ideas for how data about places can be made more relevant to local people. For example, you might begin thinking about co-producing non-administrative, geographical boundaries that are meaningful for the people that live there, and considering what data sets could be best used for that place.

10:35 - 11:30

Monday 10 May

Setting up a place-based data group: lessons learned and how you can try your own

How do I set up a local data for good use group? This session begins with three short presentations from local data for good groups across the UK (West Midlands Open Data Forum, Sheffield Data for Good, and current plans for the North East) to show how they went about setting up, the challenges they faced, and what has gone well. There will then be a structured, practical workshop for attendees to plan how they might set up something in their own area, who they might want to approach, and what they're going to do next to make it happen.
15:35 - 16:30

Monday 10 May

How to CRM

CRM systems should make life easier but all too often they are a source of gripes and complications. In this practical session, you’ll explore a potential DIY solution for people interested in a lightweight CRM. The Good Ship will share the CRM template they built in Airtable, and provide examples of other organisations who have used it, and how they’ve done so. Participants can then make a copy and start using the CRM for themselves. They can then work out a quick action plan of how they could adapt it for their organisations and how they would get others on board.