Sorrel Parsons

Digital Adviser and Training Manager

Sorrel Parsons works with Alice and Kate on the Datawise London programme, helping small local charities and community groups use digital and data to better capture and communicate impact, shape services and influence change. With more than 15 years of supporting voluntary and community organisations and volunteers in the UK, Sorrel is a huge fan of making digital work on a shoestring, specialising in digital communications, storytelling and web development.

15:05 - 16:35

Tuesday 11 May

Shaping a more data wise London

What's the first word that springs to mind when you think of data? 'Scary' or 'zzz' were responses when we started our data literacy programme for small charities and community organisations in London. Many organisations also told us they used their data for impact reporting. But what about using data to adapt or create new activities and services for local people that need them? How do you start to ask questions of the data you have? Or compare it with complex and seemingly impenetrable external data sources? Datawise London aims to give charities and community organisations the knowledge and skills they need to better use data to shape service-delivery and influence change. In this session you'll gain insights from the workshops, tools and techniques we've created or adapted to motivate small organisations to develop their data capability. Starting with our replicable entry-level interactive workshop, Data Essentials. You'll also hear from two local charities on their data development journeys and experiences of taking part in our 8-month cohort of community organisations seeking to better use data to shape their future.