Rosie McLeod


Rosie works at New Philanthropy Capital, a think tank and consultancy for the charity sector which aims to help organisations maximise their social impact. She leads NPC's work on data and learning, and is passionate about finding insights, creating better human connection and championing the social sector. Rosie's a social researcher specialising in qualitative research, participatory approaches and mixed methods evaluations. Talk to her here:

14:25 - 15:05

Tuesday 11 May

Measuring what matters: 5 types of data

Charities have lots of options to collect data but with limited budgets they have to make tough choices. How do they navigate this, and make sure their data is being used to answer useful questions? This session will focus on how NPC have classified the different types of data charities might use to measure performance and understand the effect of their work.  We will discuss how these types of data link to an organisation’s theories of change, and how the framework can help any charity think through it’s options systematically.