Marcia Gay


Marcia Gay is a Group Financial Inclusion Manager at Peabody, a service which provide benefits and debt advice to residents. Marcia has over a decade of expertise gained in housing and benefits through working for Peabody. She has led the Incomes Team and Financial Inclusion Team to maximise the income of Peabody’s residents, and sustainably manage the financial commitments they have. In addition to this, Marcia has developed a collaborative approach to engaging with key internal and external stakeholders, to share best practice and create seamless routes to referrals to and from the team. Marcia is one of  the internal leads of cross-functional departments working on streamlining internal processes to enhance collaboration in service delivery. The pandemic gave Marcia the opportunity  to work with Lea to showcase a new improved joined up approach of supporting Peabody’s customers at the time of crisis.

14:25 - 15:05

Tuesday 11 May

Using data at the Peabody Housing Association

Peabody’s Resident Wellbeing Project was set up in May 2020 in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent national lockdown. Peabody identified their most vulnerable residents and developed a plan to provide an immediate response to their needs during lockdown. The project has a series of deliverables which support Peabody residents in need. It began with a few very important pieces of data about each resident, and led to providing services via a well-architected and quickly designed data flow; locally based groups providing assistance with food; employment; advice regarding sources of help including government programmes; and even an app to facilitate a befriending programme.