Kathryn Eyre

emh group

Kathryn is Head of Quality and Standards at emh group, where she has worked in several roles since 2004.  Her current position covers, business change and improvement, organisational transformation projects including cultural values assessor, project management, customer engagement, strategy and policy development, data protection, research and performance metrics, and is the lead for equality, diversity and inclusion strategy. Kathryn also leads the group’s facilities services.  Kathryn has a first class honours degree in Business; a degree in housing; and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Housing.

11:45 - 12:25

Monday 10 May

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - A data driven journey from emh

Emh Group is a large social housing and care organisation based in the East Midlands of England with properties also in Yorkshire, the West Midlands and the South West, with 1,100 employees and circa 20,000 homes and commercial properties.  Diversity is one of their core values. In 2019 they agreed an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion becomes part of the DNA of the business. One of their first steps was to understand the existing data they held on equality, diversity and inclusion, assess its quality and come up with a plan to improve it. They asked Data Orchard to help them with this work.

In this session we will share our process and learning from the data analysis project, and a year on, what happened and what’s changed at emh.  Data themes will include: merging internal datasets, exploring the external data landscape, changing culture and language (and categories) for equality and diversity characteristics, pay gap analysis and data literacy.