Julian Tait

Open Data Manchester

Julian is co-founder and CEO of Open Data Manchester CIC, a not-for-profit organisation that helps organisations and communities understand and use data. He is a passionate advocate for how data and digital technologies can help build more resilient communities through giving people insight and a stake in the processes of governance and decision making. Current work is focussing on the ongoing development of the Declaration for Responsible and Intelligent Data Practice and new forms of data custodianship through the development of data cooperative models.

10:35 - 11:15

Tuesday 11 May

Reframing data - developing community custodianship for social change

This roundtable will be a forum for sharing community custodianship methods and examples. Data is mostly viewed as a resource that is collected, analysed, and acted upon by organisations and institutions. In community settings it is used to understand need, target resource, and measure success. Yet most find data intangible and exclusive, creating an environment of surveyors and those that are surveyed. Reframing our relationship with data so communities are integral to the process of data design, collection and analysis offers the chance to demystify and reveal data not only as a performative process, but one which through support can enable communities to become active participants rather than passive subjects.