Jonathan Tan

Teach First

I have worked at Teach First for 5 years as an operational manager for our school partnerships and our teacher recruitment, before recently being appointed as Head of Data and Performance. I am a qualified maths teacher and am currently completing a Masters in Social Research. I have always sought out roles that allow me to contribute to equality of education, and I believe that data, when used effectively, can lead to powerful insights that further this cause.

10:35 - 11:15

Tuesday 11 May

Undertaking a CRM transformation to improve data quality and insights at Teach First

Teach First is in the process of upgrading our CRM and undertaking a large scale business transformation, reviewing all processes, and most importantly data. As one of the first adopters of Salesforce, their data structure is not fit for purpose and limits the insights the organisation is able to generate. This session will cover Teach First’s experience in transforming its Salesforce, challenges faced and emerging lessons for any organisations in the process or about to undertake a similar transformation.

12:30 - 12:55

Monday 10 May

Using Data at Teach First

Teach First is a charity set up to address educational inequality. Teach First has been in operation for 19 years and over that time helped train and develop over 15,000 school teachers and leaders serving disadvantaged communities. In this session they will talk about Teach First’s journey of using data to inform both strategic and operational decision making. They will discuss their current approach including how they have used data in our shift to virtual delivery during the pandemic and future plans. Join Jonathan Tan, Head of Data and Performance and Daria Kuznetsova, Executive Director, to learn about their journey so far - including some of the challenges faced (plenty!) and how they have overcome them.