Grace Perry

London Funders

Grace joined London Funders in May 2019, in the role of Office Manager & Executive Assistant, she is often referred to the ‘glue’ of the London Funders team. When the London Community Response was launched in March 2020, Grace led on the day-to-day operations ensuring applications were received and made it onto the funder portal alongside coordinating over 90 volunteer grant managers as sifters. Over the last year Grace has been working to develop her data skillsets and specifically looking how the data collected from the LCR can help inform our members and partners on the current needs across organisations in London.

10:35 - 11:30

Monday 10 May

Analysing grant data to shape funder responses to crisis at London Funders

The London Community Response is a collaboration of 67 funders. By May 2021 they will have completed five waves of Covid funding, from crisis response to renewal, and distributed around £55m to community organisations in London. London Funders used the data from this to interrogate who the funding is reaching, in particular whether it supported smaller, ‘led-by’ organisations. Working alongside funders and equity partners, they developed tools to monitor and understand how well they were achieving this throughout. The data was used to shape how the London Community Response is designed and delivered. London Funders hope this will inspire change to wider funder approaches.