Elliott Stenson

Working Families

Elliott is a Rights Advisors at Working Families, primarily focusing on employment law issues. Before joining Working Families, Elliott completed a first class undergraduate degree and a masters in law, during which he offered pro bono legal advice spanning all aspects of employment law. Elliott is a Future Pupil Barrister and is currently studying the Bar alongside his work. Elliott’s background in data is limited and he has enjoyed the challenge of coordinating the transition to a new system. When he is not working, Elliott is a keen footballer and Spurs fan.

14:25 - 15:05

Wednesday 12 May

Data Journey at Working Families

Working Families directly advise 2,000-3,000 parents each year, via  free phone and email helpline for working parents/carers, most of them in some way disadvantaged by income level, BAME background, profound caring responsibilities, etc.

But… there is a limit to how many people we can help as a charity.

This talk explores why we adapted to a new digital platform, and our digital data journey to this point