Data community


Tuesday 11 May

The Data Collective: Learnings from developing a community for people using data in the social sector

Earlier this year, Catalyst funded a pilot to develop a community for people using data in the social sector. As part of the  pilot, there has been a dedicated user research strand. In this talk, the community organisers will explore what they found out, from talking to a broad range of people from across the social sector about their data needs, but also about how they may wish to work with others in the community.

10:35 - 11:30

Monday 10 May

Setting up a place-based data group: lessons learned and how you can try your own

How do I set up a local data for good use group? This session begins with three short presentations from local data for good groups across the UK (West Midlands Open Data Forum, Sheffield Data for Good, and current plans for the North East) to show how they went about setting up, the challenges they faced, and what has gone well. There will then be a structured, practical workshop for attendees to plan how they might set up something in their own area, who they might want to approach, and what they're going to do next to make it happen.
13:35 - 14:35 & 14:45 - 15:45 & 15:55 - 16:55

Monday 10 May

Running a Virtual Data Expedition (3 sessions in one series)

What does a data process look like, and where do I begin? Join this Data Expedition, an intensive, action-learning workshop that teaches a way of working with data from ‘start to finish’: from identifying a question you have, to finding and using data to try to answer it, to telling a story with it. It will build confidence working with data, and help participants use data to better inform what they do.