Christine Goodall

HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network

Christine Goodall is Network Coordinator of the HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network. HEAR is a network of voluntary and community groups and organisations of all sizes and specialisms, all working for equality and social justice, and to tackle discrimination. HEAR has been working with others on many aspects of collecting and using equality data more effectively, and have this learning to share with others. Christine herself has 17 years experience working in the equalities focused voluntary sector. She holds a MSC in Voluntary Sector Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and a PhD from Staffordshire University, focused on trust in community relations.

10:35 - 11:30

Monday 10 May

I am me: equalities data for everyone

Do you collect equalities data about your members, service users, beneficiaries, staff, or volunteers? It may be required by funders, through contracts, as part of recruitment processes, or to identify need or gaps in service provision. But how do we ensure that this isn't just a tick box exercise? How can we capture the identities of the real people we interact with? This session will challenge participants to think about why and how we collect equalities data. Through thought-provoking interactive exercises and game play, participants will consider the importance of self-identification and how to allow space for intersectional data to emerge. Delivered by facilitators working on equalities issues that truly aim at including everyone, this workshop helps 'I am me' to be captured as a reality, and avoids the sterility of tick boxes.