Antonia Orr

Coalition for Efficiency

Antonia Orr has supported civil society organisations since 2008, focusing on impact support since 2015. She is currently Chief Executive of Coalition for Efficiency, a small and highly collaborative charity that helps leaders in the social sector to reflect on, measure and manage the impact of their organisation and initiatives. Antonia has close ties with Mexico where she lived and worked for Semillas, a women’s fund supporting gender justice initiatives. Antonia is a School of System Change graduate and an On Purpose Fellow. As a champion of female leaders, she co-founded She Leads Change, a peer learning initiative for changemakers. In 2017, she was nominated in the NatWest WISE100 list.

13:20 - 14:50

Tuesday 11 May

How to do impact reporting for small organisations

Developing an impact report for the first time can feel like a daunting and time-consuming project, especially for a smaller organisation with limited comms capacity. With a bit of guidance and a useful template, this session will give small charities a jump-start by creating a bite-sized one or two-page impact report that can be easily updated and adapted to fit a website, social media, or funder report. They may even find this is all they need to get their message out to the public and key stakeholders!