Train the trainer

15:20 - 16:15

Wednesday 12 May

Data For Communities - train the trainer session

For beginners, the world of data can be overwhelming, yet there is a wealth of information available to help people understand their communities and empower them to contribute to, or challenge, policies and decisions about where they live. Data For Communities is a spreadsheet-free workshop that is light, informal, and fun. It introduces people to what data is, and what it can and can’t do. Originally designed for local counsellors, it’s since been developed and delivered to journalists, charity workers, and community activists. This ‘train the trainer session’ will take you through the workshop, share its methodology, and give you some tools and tips to adapt the workshop for your own purpose.

13:35 - 14:35 & 14:45 - 15:45 & 15:55 - 16:55

Monday 10 May

Running a Virtual Data Expedition (3 Sessions)

What does a data process look like, and where do I begin? Join this Data Expedition, an intensive, action-learning workshop that teaches a way of working with data from ‘start to finish’: from identifying a question you have, to finding and using data to try to answer it, to telling a story with it. It will build confidence working with data, and help participants use data to better inform what they do.