Peter Wells

Peter Wells is an independent technologist. He has twenty-five years’ experience in the public, private and third sectors in a range of delivery and policy roles.  He is a big fan of books, Blackpool FC and being by the seaside. He hopes we can build a world where technology works for everyone and can be contacted on <> or @peterkwells.

10:35 - 11:15

Wednesday 12 May

Public sector resource allocation algorithms

While there is lots of ongoing work unpicking the algorithms that make decisions about individuals, there seems to be less about the algorithms that make decisions about resources we rely on such as funding for schools, or the number of beds in hospitals. The processes, algorithms, models, spreadsheets, and data that inform these resources can be inaccessible and opaque, containing errors and embedded policy assumptions. This workshop will start with an overview of a recent event on this topic organised by the Royal Statistical Society’s Data Ethics and Governance section. Participants will then debate how this topic affects the social sector, work that is already happening, and what additional activities could or should take place.