Aileen McDonald


Aileen works as an instructor at CodeClan, Scotland’s digital skills academy, teaching on the data analysis course. She has a passion for all things data and being able to convert spreadsheets into insights and value for organisations. She is particularly interested in data in the third sector and has volunteered data skills to local Scottish charities, as well as being a DataKindUK volunteer. Aileen previously worked as a trainee actuary in a pensions and investment consultancy and qualified as an Associate of the IFoA. She also worked as an Analytical Consultant at a customer analytics consultancy.

11:55 - 13:25

Wednesday 12 May

How to use - Tableau

Data is an increasingly important tool used to make evidence-based decisions, however, often one of the hardest things is turning a boring spreadsheet into something that will engage decision-makers and bring to life the story of the data. If you ever find yourself repeating the same sums in Excel or producing the same graphs over and over again for reports, then this workshop is for you! Using Tableau, we will explore ways to automate these processes, saving you a lot of time and resources in the long run. This workshop will cover an introduction to data visualisation & dashboards, how to connect to data sources, introduction to data manipulation techniques, build a simple interactive dashboard tracking key organisational metrics, how you can have easy updates of the reports if data updates or changes, how you can download the visuals for static reports (for example, in pdf form for a meeting) and good practices for dashboard design…and you don’t need to be able to code to do any of the above! Experience with spreadsheet data (e.g. using Excel) is beneficial for this workshop.

15:25 - 16:55

Wednesday 12 May

How to use - Excel

Are you looking to increase your confidence in using Excel, and get quick insights from your data to answer organisational questions? This workshop will cover data layout, sorting, filtering and basic data manipulation. We’ll also look at basic formulas, making charts, and tips for designing your spreadsheets to make them easy to follow.